Final Musical Growth Blog #3

Above I have attached my video of myself playing the three desired songs that I chose. The three songs that I chose were “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. I chose these songs because they all had a limited number of chords used throughout, and also had simple strumming. Chasing Cars and Somebody that I Used to know are two of my favourite calming songs that I listen to at night before bed or sometimes while doing homework. I decided to learn these songs because I listen to them rather often and am familiar with the lyrics. I chose The Lion Sleeps Tonight because I grew up listening to this song and have heard it played in my past jobs while working with kids. Also, I believe that students will know this song, which will make it fun to play and sing along to in the classroom.

While I tried my best to learn the full song to each of my three chosen ones, I found that learning the choruses from each song sounded better. I had some complications with the tuning of my ukulele, which required me to take it to a friend of mine that plays the guitar. He was able to tune it correctly for me, but it was a minor setback in my progress. However, setbacks can happen and are inevitable and all that matters is how you adapt to them, improvise and overcome them! Because of this, I worked extra hard to master the choruses to these songs and will continue to learn more and more songs as this program continues and as I progress through my teaching career. I found the most challenging part of learning the ukulele was the concept of multitasking. Especially when first learning a song, it was difficult to try and visually watch the YouTube instructions of where to put my hands, while also singing and strumming at the same time. However, with practice, multitasking got easier as I got more familiar with the chord transitions and more comfortable with strumming. Over time, I was able to not look at the video on my screen as often and was able to sing accordingly. However, matching up the singing and doing quick finger movements to the different chords was the biggest learning curve for me.

Overall, this was my favourite activity of the semester! I enjoyed learning a new skill and a new hobby as an assignment. While being in six classes and working part time, it is difficult to find time to relax or learn new hobbies because of pressing due dates and homework deadlines. However, since learning the ukulele was a project it was enjoyable and interesting to learn as a school assignment. I will always cherish this class and project and will continue to keep up my ukulele practice to learn more songs for my future classroom.

Final Musical Growth Blog #2

Originally, as per my musical demonstration action plan, it was my goal to learn three songs by April when classes end. As I have aforementioned above, I have been practicing for two to three nights a week, depending on other classes homework assignments, for about an hour to an hour and a half. I find that spreading out my times to practice the ukulele is more beneficial than practicing for long periods of time. When I first began practicing, my fingers would get rather sore as they adjusted to the feeling of the strings and chords on the tips. I even find that sometimes when I began to play for too long, they can start feeling sore again, which is why I try to spread out my practices into short periods of time throughout the week.

Since my goal was to practice and learn three songs, I have been practicing the choruses for these songs rather frequently. However, I am only a beginner on the ukulele and to a musical instrument in general. I had not played a musical instrument since I was 14 (11 years ago) so learning the ukulele was a new concept for me. It took me some time (as I mentioned in my midterm blog posts) to learn how to hold the ukulele, learn the chords, and learn how to strum it. Because I am a beginner and had to learn the basic fundamentals of the ukulele prior to diving into learning music, it took away a lot of practicing sessions from learning actual songs. I would try to learn the songs that I chose out of excitement but felt rushed and felt that I was forcing it when I was still unclear on certain fundamentals of the ukulele itself. Because of this, I had to take my time and not rush when it came to learning various songs. I started just strumming and listening to the chords and what sounds they would make, while ensuring that my ukulele was always in tune. Although it took some time to develop my understanding of the basics of the ukulele, I did get around to learning the choruses of my three desired songs. It took me longer than anticipated because I wanted to ensure that I got the sounds down correctly, and I made sure that I put hard work and dedication into each one. Although I was very eager and excited to be able to play a song, I had to take my time. I would familiarize myself with one songs chorus rather well, and practice that for a few nights. Then once I felt familiar with the chords, I moved onto the next song, and so on. I found that this was a beneficial way of learning, because playing a song flawlessly each time was rather difficult, and I did not want it to hold me back. Therefore, I would practice each song’s chorus every so often so that I became familiar with each one. I took my time and would follow instructional YouTube videos of the songs, while listening to some verbally announce which chords. By taking my time and keeping my dedication high, I learnt the choruses to my three desired songs.

Final Musical Growth Blog #1

Since my previous midterm blog posts regarding my musical growth, I have been constantly practicing my three chosen songs on the ukulele. Between online zoom classes, homework and working at my job outside of school, I have had a busy semester. However, the homework portion of this music class regarding learning the ukulele has been my favourite homework assignment. I enjoyed learning the ukulele because it provided diversity to our assignments away from the standard assignments of reading and writing. We were able to physically learn a new skill and lesson from a hands-on experience and build our own memories through practicing. Although it has been a challenge learning the songs, getting the notes right and strumming properly, I can confidently say that I have progressed and come a long way.

Originally, when I first picked up the ukulele, I had to find comfort in learning how to hold it and strum it. After watching several different YouTube videos and looking at online resource for assistance, I feel confident in my abilities of strumming and playing. However, I have realized that when practicing, some days my performance would be better than others. I have been practicing for about two to three nights a week for around an hour to an hour and a half and realized that some days I can flawlessly perform certain songs while other days I seem to face challenges. Consequently, this is most likely due to over-tiredness and stress with school.  However, I would like to think that playing the ukulele has become a hobby of mine! Even when I am stressed and tired, I enjoy sitting down and learning a new verse or practicing a song. I believe that it allows me to sit down and relax, while also challenging my mind and physical abilities. The skill of learning the ukulele is now a skill that I can hold onto and continue to practice. It is a skill that I will be able to use in my future classroom one day and continue to get better at.

Tech Inquiry Project

For our tech inquiry project, my partner and I researched certain EdTech tools that enhance ELA learning and engage students in meaningful content creation, such as Buncee and Storybird. Below is a link to our google slides presentation. Hope you enjoy!

Reflection Post – Final

Well, what a semester! I simply cannot believe that this week was our last class. It went by faster than I had anticipated! But don’t they always? However, I would like to say that this class has been a huge eye opener for me in regards to technology and innovation. Prior to this class, I personally thought that I understood technology rather well and that I had a good grip on it. However, this class expanded my knowledge of technology immensely.

Throughout this semester, we learnt about a variety of different social media platforms, different ways to teach using technology and also gained insight on innovation techniques from a few guest speakers. Each class I recorded notes from our lectures, and even went back over the lecture slides to ensure I recorded all the information that we learnt. I found that each class was highly beneficial because we always learnt about a new platform of technology that we will one day be able to practice in our future classrooms.

This week, as our final class, we learnt about how gaming can be used in the classroom. At first I was shocked, because gaming to me reminds me of sitting in front of a computer screen playing an Xbox or Playstation with headphones on isolated from the world. However, I enjoyed learning that gaming can actually enhance students understanding of certain material. It was interesting as well to see which subjects that gaming enhanced, and which games teachers utilized the most. Below, I have attached two pictures of the slides from our weekly lecture this week that point out important information regarding this. I believe that students crave diversity in the classroom away from verbal instructions by teachers. Although that is the teachers main method of instruction, diversifying lessons away from verbal instruction can increase student engagement, motivation and responsiveness to the material. When teachers incorporate gaming into students learning, they are able to participate in hands-on learning and experience a physical way of learning this material. Consequently, this physical experience of learning will stay with them innately and they will be able to refer back to these experiences in the future.

Overall, this class was definitely a favourite of mine from our second year in this program. It was eye opening and highly beneficial because we now have an in-depth understanding of various ways to incorporate technology in our classrooms, and throughout the subsequent two years of this program, we will be able to continue using them in future projects and practicums. Thank you for everything, Michael! 🙂

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there! Welcome to my ePortfolio. My name is Jessica McDougall, I am 25 years old and living in beautiful Victoria, B.C. I am currently enrolled in the University of Victoria’s Bachelor of Elementary Education Program and am in the second year of this program. I have enjoyed every learning moment thus far! I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher, and I pride myself on being enrolled in this program to pursue my dream. I believe that a career in teaching is rewarding and fulfilling, and I am most passionate about growing professionally so that I can create a positive classroom culture that motivates all children.

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that as future educators, it is important to always maintain a positive mindset. Although we will one day be educators teaching our future students, it is important to remember that we are constantly learning too. Developing a teaching philosophy will be dependent on our own individual experiences and interactions with students and coworkers and is an idea that will constantly be growing. Thus far in the program, I have enjoyed inquiry-based learning and learning through the use of manipulatives. I believe that physical experiences and hands-on play creates a physical relationship with learning that students can constantly refer back to remember for future use.

As a future educator, I will strive to make a difference and help children to succeed and achieve their full potential. I believe that it is important to enable a sense of belonging in a classroom where every child feels supported and valued. I want to be able to facilitate growth in all aspects of children’s lives, drive their desire to learn and inspire them to be role models and active citizens.


As aforementioned, I am currently in year two of the Bachelor of Elementary Education Program at UVIC. In order to be accepted into this program, I had to take the provided pre-requisite courses at Camosun College for the first year. At Camosun, we were required to take two Canadian Studies classes, two English classes, two Mathematics classes as well as two Science classes. I worked hard each and every day to thrive in the year one classes in hopes of being offered a spot in this program. To my surprise, I finished my first year at Camosun College with an 8.9/9 GPA and made it onto the Deans Honour Roll List for both the Fall and Spring semester. I was beyond proud of myself for finishing my first year strong and receiving an offer into this Elementary Education Program as I had always dreamed. I proved to myself that great things can happen when you work hard and put your mind to something. Throughout my next two years in this program, I will continue to push myself to strive in all my future classes to ensure that I can be the best teacher that I can for my future students. I am thrilled that classes will again be in person this September, and I am immensely excited about meetings my peers and learning in person.


I have had several experiences throughout my life that have reinforced my passion of becoming a teacher. In high school, I was involved in many various sports teams. I played hockey, soccer, baseball, volleyball and field hockey. My favourite sport of all was hockey, which I played for ten years. During these ten years, I was offered a position to coach a younger hockey team. Of course, I accepted this offer and to this day I am glad that I did. The hockey coaching job sparked my interest in teaching kids which developed my dream of becoming a teacher. After high school, I sought every opportunity that I could to work with children. I worked at a Before and After school care, a Boys and Girls Club, Children Event Planning, coached hockey teams and high school volleyball teams and volunteered in various Elementary School Classrooms. I believe that being a teacher is a rewarding job, and I enjoy teaching children in a fun and inspiring way.

In addition to working with kids, I also enjoy hiking, camping, travelling and the outdoors. I still enjoy playing various sports when I can, but I mostly enjoy being active. My favourite outdoor activities are snowboarding, wake surfing, kayaking and hiking. I am always ready for a new adventure and love exploring nature!

Lesson Planning:

Thus far throughout this program, we have been assigned various inquiry-based projects and lesson planning projects. I enjoy completing inquiry-based projects, because it enables us to pursue a topic of our own choosing. While doing this, we are able to find a topic that we are interested it, and research it to discover more information. In addition, our classes have also required us to create lesson plans. I find that creating lesson plans individually or with a partner has been highly beneficial to our learning. In other words, it enables us to build an understanding on the amount of work and dedication that gets placed into these plans. It is also beneficial because each class that requires a lesson plan assignment, provides us with the opportunity to learn different approaches to teaching and diversify the way we teach them to discover what works best for us.

Below, I have attached my unit plan from this semester, which includes a yoga flow sequence for a yoga unit that myself and two partners created within a group. I also have included a lesson plan on a soccer unit that was also created within a group. In addition, I have included a warm-up video to a soccer unit that was completed last semester. Outside of our Physical Education class, I also wanted to include my Music Lesson Plan on Indigenous Drumming, which was also created within a group.

I also encourage you to take a look around this website, which I created in my Technology and Innovation Class! On the website you will find a free inquiry topic on exploring nature, as well as weekly reflection posts from each week of technology class this semester.